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Patient Endorsements

img patient endorsementsJeffrey B. Cantor, MD, F.A.A.O.S

“I had been told I would live with pain forever. Meeting Dr. Cantor changed that. I am pain-free and able to care for my children and family; life is great again!”
Brandi Berman

“It’s been about 8-months since Dr. Cantor performed my cervical laminoplasty surgery, and what a journey from that morning in January 2011.

I woke up early with a feeling of ice water dripping on my left shoulder, neck and face. The left side of my mouth and face were numb. I thought I was having a stroke. Very frightened and alone I started talking out loud, biting my lip and touching my face. I got up and walked, swinging and stretching out my arms. I’m okay, I repeated out loud (I must have scared the cats), but what was this feeling?

Dr. Cantor and his staff are very caring people so when I called, they must have heard the nervousness and worry in my voice, because Dr. Cantor got on the phone right away and assured me he knew what the problem was and wanted me in the office as soon as I could get there. By the way, I live in North Carolina and by the time I got my tickets to fly down the next morning his staff had made an appointment for me to get a CT. The following day I was in Dr. Cantor’s office with scans in hand.

Dr. Cantor is a passionate surgeon; passionate about his own method of performing this delicate surgery and warm to his patients.

The scans showed that I had a narrowing of the cervical spinal cord canal plus bone spurs were badly scrapping and pinching nerves on the left side.” Yep, let’s get this fixed!” Dr. Cantor said. I appreciate how Dr. Cantor, his PA, and other staff members stood together with me to evaluate the scans and share their thoughts and experiences.

I no longer feel that icy, numb feeling on my face, neck and shoulder. All of that subsided quickly after surgery. I was eager to get back to my hobbies of vintage watch repair and silversmithing as well and working on vintage motorcycles and a ’65 Mustang (I was worried if I could bare long periods of working over a bench.) With a strong desire, slowly but surely I’m back now 100%, in just 8-months, and doing the things I love.

Many thanks to Dr. Cantor and all my friends at South Florida Spine Clinic for my care and recovery.

Be well.”
Lynn Occhiuzzo

“We had been advised by another surgeon that my mother required surgery on her neck and that it had to be done immediately. Due to my mother’s advanced age (she’s 85) we decided to obtain a second opinion. During his examination Dr. Cantor noticed that although she did have a physical limitation that could be improved by surgery, her mental state was not adequate to support a procedure and the effects of the anesthesia. She was displaying some signs of early dementia and thanks to his advice we decided to not go ahead with the procedure. My mother’s mental condition has continued to deteriorate and it has become very clear to my family that she would not have been able to enjoy the benefits of the surgery when complicated with her mental condition. Thank you again Dr. Cantor for your thorough examination and professional advice.”
Joaquin A. Lorie

“Firstly I want to thank you very much for having been a very kind and caring Doctor while you operated and treated my spine. … After you did my surgery I was so delighted with you and your care that I couldn’t help but mentioning your name to all my friends who have back problems and they are many as you well know. I still have people telling me how happy they are for what you have done for them to make them feel better. … I just wanted you to know just how appreciated you are by me and my friends including my friend whose son is an orthopedic surgeon in the Midwest who says that you have performed perfect surgery on his mother.”
Marlene “Pat” Lewis

“Spine surgery is not something one should embark on with the feeling of security and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend this office, and in particular Dr. Cantor to anyone.”
Annette Z. Spiegel

“I am very pleased to report that since my cervical laminoplasty in August of 2008 I have had a considerable recovery….Thank you very much for your expertise and skill. Rest assured I have recommended you to others.”
Peter Sciarretta M.D., Diplomate American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

“After many years of back aches and one year of unbearable discomfort you came to my rescue….I am a new person. I no longer know that I have a back as I go about my daily routine.”
Anna Davis

“You have probably forgotten all about me by now, but I can’t forget you! Today is the fourth anniversary of my spinal surgery and I am doing extraordinarily well. I walk at least four miles per day and twice as much on the weekends. I am grateful to you every day for the wonderful care that you provided.”
Barbara Schoenfeld

“I want to thank you for you skill in performing Kyphoplasty….I feel hope for the first time. The intense pain I have experienced for months is diminished.”
Sarah Bohm

“I want to thank you for your clear and steady senses of interest in me and for the rejuvenation of my good health. I am most appreciative of your call this past Saturday.”
Gary Rotella, Esquire

“As a teacher, I am sure glad you paid attention in medical school! You’ve got to be one of the nation’s finest surgeons. I will be recommending your facility to the world.”
Cary Gadolfi

“In 1997 I was diagnosed with extensive spinal cervical stenosis and at that time my New York orthopedic surgeon advised me not have surgery as my prognosis was only fair and there was a distinct possibility that the procedure could cause undesirable side effects… October 2008 the MRI report showed that the stenosis had progressed to where my spinal canal was only 6mm in diameter and resulted in myelomacia on my card. You recommended a laminoplasty of C2 to C6….I now enjoy normal physical exercise and to return to playing golf and gardening again.”
Arthur Knochenhauer, D.V.M.

“What an extraordinary establishment you run and what a role model for others to follow. The medical field wouldn’t take such bad mouthing if every place ran the way your does.”
Doreen Halpern

“It was a year ago yesterday that you operated on my back. I want to let you know that the results have been excellent and I am enormously grateful to you for your skill and your efforts on my behalf….I enjoyed my usual summer stay in Maine and was able to do increasing amounts of gardening.”
Willard Dalrymple, M.D.

“I was told by my previous doctor that I needed an operation that involved inserting a framework of nuts and bolts in my lower back…that is when I decided to get a second opinion and looked you up. In the year you operated on me, without inserting any hardware, I am delighted to say that I no longer have piercing pain that ran down my leg and I am able to function very well without severe pain in my lower back.”
Lawrence Holsborg

“I want to thank you for giving me my life back. Before coming to you, I had seen numerous doctors regarding the pain in my back and the increasing inability to move and function on a daily basis. No one gave me any hope that I would or could get better. You are a very special young man and I truly love you for taking such good care of me before, during and after my surgery. “
Rosemary C. Monard. 80 years young

“My family and I call you my miracle worker and will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.”
Michael Ross

“As you know, I have had thirteen surgeries involving the joints and spine. I now recommend you to everyone I talk to. You are a million miles ahead of any other surgeons I have consulted.”
Tom Stender

“Prior to my spine surgery I could not bath myself and I had to brush my teeth leaning on my elbows. Following my surgery I fell 100% better than before. Dr. Cantor is the only surgeon I would let operate on my spine. I call him the Michelangelo of spines. I owe him a great deal.”
Lou Pappas

“I am 98% pain free after thirteen weeks. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent surgery and care I received. Dr. Cantor hits home runs!”
John O’Connor

“Following years of visits to spine surgeons at the age of 74 I saw Dr. Cantor who in ten minutes explained to me in language I could understand my condition and what should be done. I would recommend Dr. Cantor and his facility to anyone suffering from spinal problems.”
Walter Lofink

“We thank God that such a wonderful doctor came into our lives and took away 25 years of pain from Filorent. We shall always be grateful.”
Filorent & Judy Van Overloop

“I am a physical therapist when time came for me to have back surgery THE ONLY Doctor I would let take care of me was Dr. Cantor.”
Dana Winess

“Words can’t express how much I appreciate you giving me my life back and to be able to play with my granddaughter again while being pain free.”
Cynthia R. Smith

“From the first time I met you I knew you could help me. Your professional manner and that way you explained my condition to me was both startling and comforting at the same time. You have given me my life back.”
Michael Ruskin

“You found a Schwannoma tumor in my spinal cord. As a result of your extraordinary surgical skill my pain is relieved and I am once more enjoying pain free skiing and hiking in my home near Lake Placid, NY.”
William Rueter

“I have spent many sleepless nights worrying over my husband and his back condition. Seeing you on TV I knew we had found the answer to our prayers. David is doing wonderful and has a life again.”
Elaine Kagan

“Dr. Cantor removed two of the five pieces of metal from my back resulting in increased bend ability.”
Bernard Schacker


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